Check out Step 3 in our 5-Step Safe Handling Toolkit

Developing a Safe Handling program for your organization doesn’t have to be hard. It begins with five steps. Step 3: […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The environment plays a big role in ensuring a safe workplace. Print off these staged images (don’t peek at the answer […]

Check out Step 2 in our 5-Step Safe Handling Toolkit

Last week, SafeCare BC kicked off its Safe Handling campaign to provide a greater awareness of musculoskeletal injuries, which are […]

Video: How workplace injuries can change your life in an instant

          Pam Hubley was a Care Aide before a workplace injury changed her life, both professionally […]

Teepa Snow has big influence on dementia care

Teepa Snow is one of the world’s leading educators in dementia. And if she had a fan club, Bryan Gay […]

Seniors Quality and Safety Program Update

In March, the BC government announced an industry-led initiative which provided $10 million to the BC Care Providers Association, under the […]

Five-week Safe Handling campaign kicks off 

According to WorkSafeBC statistics, musculoskeletal injuries are by far the leading cause of staff injuries in BC’s continuing care sector. […]