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The annual member survey helps us respond to your health and safety needs through relevant, quality, and timely education and programming.
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In long-term care it is increasingly apparent that who is on shift is just as important as how many staff are on shift. Quality care is difficult to achieve when we do not routinely engage with one another in a positive, or civil, manner.
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WorkSafeBC’s healthcare and social services planned inspection initiative focuses on high-risk activities in the workplace that lead to serious injuries and time-loss claims.
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WorkSafeBC is releasing a discussion paper with proposed amendments to the Current Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual that guide wage rate decisions related to short-term and long-term disability compensation. Recommended amendments include: These changes may affect your claims costs. Click here to view the proposed changes and offer feedback to WorkSafeBC – The deadline is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, […]
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JOHSC Profile: Chilliwack Society for Community Living 

July 2, 2024

What defines safety?  

Navigating the complexities of workplace safety can be daunting, but with Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC), it has become a collective journey toward safer and more secure work environments. These committees, comprised of employers and employees, are fully committed to advancing occupational health and safety regulations. But they're more than advisory groups; they're spaces where safety ideas thrive, and concrete improvements are implemented to ensure each worker gets home safely every day. 

Leading this change at the Chilliwack Society for Community Living (CSCL) is Jeff Gillbank, Director of Continuous Quality Improvement and COR auditor. For Jeff, JOHSCs are more than routine obligations; they are vibrant collaboration hubs and the "foundational pillars of CSCL's commitment to safety." As a place to turn to when in need, CSCL was established with the goal of "creating a community of belonging," according to Jeff. With inclusive education and employment initiatives at its core, CSCL is a shining example of compassion and innovation in the community services sector.  

CSCL's dedication to excellence is centred around its numerous Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees, which are critical in supporting worker safety. The JOHSCs offered by CSCL are viewed as strategic opportunities rather than compliance checklists, with staff and management identifying ways to make their organization a better workplace. One of CSCL's safety initiatives is North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, which occurs throughout the first week of May and includes themed weekdays such as Medication Monday, Transportation Tuesday, and OHS TGIF Fridays. CSCL engages employees throughout the week with theme-specific events, quizzes, and games, boosting awareness and proactive participation in workplace safety programs. 

JOHSCs at CSCL demonstrate the value of collaboration in improving workplace safety through open conversation and shared responsibility. This collaborative attitude is strongly reflected in EmpowerSafe, a dynamic project launched this year. With a focus on enhancing safety amidst rising incidents, EmpowerSafe tackles issues like violence, strains, and slips head-on. EmpowerSafe demonstrates how CSCL proactively integrates Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) into their work with an innovative six-pronged action plan that includes ergonomic assessments, personalized safety protocols, and specialized training.  

CSCL plans to improve workplace safety through their joint occupational health and safety committees. With a strong focus on safety and quality, CSCL's committees have consistently met Center of Excellence (COE) goals, fostered innovation, and set new standards meticulously documented in annual reports. Unlike traditional site inspections, CSCL's approach highlights areas of excellence while emphasizing proactive safety measures. By integrating COE concepts into its operations, CSCL demonstrates ongoing improvement and leadership within the sector. 

CSCL will keep working with experts like BCGEU, WorkSafeBC, SafeCare BC and CIA advisors to boost safety protocols and practices. Their main goal is simple: ensuring every employee goes home happy, healthy, and safe, with a workplace culture that values wellbeing. That's why CSCL is a leader in workplace safety, driven by its strong commitment to innovation and teamwork. By creating a supportive environment, CSCL shows that real safety is all about the health and empowerment of its people. 

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