Road Safety at Work Week – March 6 – 10

February 27, 2017 | News

March 6 – 10 is Road Safety at Work Week! Be a part of Road Safety At Work Week by learning more about your responsibilities to employees who drive their own vehicles for work. You will be contributing to a safer workplace and safer roads for all British Columbians. Here’s how to participate:

  • Take action on a road safety issue
    • Identify a road safety issue (or two or three) you want to address and develop an improvement plan that you can work on over the year. Check out How to Build a Road Safety Plan and Tool Kits for inspiration and guidance.
  • Talk to your employees
    • Every day during the week of March 6 – 10, choose a point from Driving Your Own Vehicle for Work and share it with your employees.
    • During the Week, make your safety meetings and tailgate meetings all about road safety. Ask employees to share their experiences with driving for work.
  • Display and distribute the Road Safety At Work Week poster
    • Print a copy of the Road Safety At Work Week poster and/or infographic and place it in your lobby, lunchroom or other high-traffic area before the campaign launch date to help create awareness.
    • Email a copy of the posterand/or infographic to your co-workers and ask them to post it in their workplaces.
    • This will be a powerful reminder to help employees, visitors and customers to learn more about their work-related driving rights and responsibilities.

View the Employer Toolkit to find useful road safety tools and resources such as:

  • Road Safety Plan Template
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • How to Control Hazards