For a copy of SafeCare BC’s Bylaws click here.

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Board Members:

Elected Positions:

      • Professional (Medical/Legal) Representative: Al Jina, Park Place, Chair
      • Private Employer Representative: Susan Emmons, Northcrest Care Centre, Treasurer/Secretary
      • Not for Profit Employer Representative: Jeanette Lee, Menno Place
      • At Large Director (Employer): Kris Stewart, Pine Acres Home
      • At Large Director (Front Line Worker): Phil LeVesconte, Comox Valley Seniors Centre

Appointed Positions:

Industry Association Representatives:

      • BCCPA: Michael Neumann, Vice-Chair
      • Denominational Health Association Representative: Errol Hastings, Zion Park Manor

Employee Representatives:

      • Edward Burke, Hospital Employee’s Union
      • Mike Nuyens, BC Government Employees’ Union


Elected Representative Positions:

      • Human Resource Services Representative: Corina Castronuovo, Tabor Home Society
      • Home Support Employer Representative: Carin Plischke, Beacon Community Services

Non-Elected Representative Positions:

      • SafeCare BC Health and Safety Association Executive Director: Jennifer Lyle
      • BC Care Providers Association Chief Executive Officer: Daniel Fontaine
      • WorkSafeBC Representative: Stephen Symon

Meetings are currently scheduled for April 25, June 28-29, Sept 19, and Nov 21.