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Leading from the Inside Out
Leading from the Inside Out waitlist
  • "This program is great and well facilitated. I hope that more healthcare leaders can have the opportunity to participate in this kind of program."
  • "This is a good program and especially helpful to have other participants in the same field of work."
  • "I thought Callie did a great job at providing opportunities for everyone in the group to open, honest and to share their valuable experiences with others."
  • "Working with the other leaders was the most rewarding – to hear other leaders and their struggles and together coming up with self-care strategies to better cope with work-life balance"
Guidelines & Regulations

Guidelines and Regulations

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WorkSafeBC’s healthcare and social services planned inspection initiative focuses on high-risk activities in the workplace that lead to serious injuries and time-loss claims.
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WorkSafeBC is releasing a discussion paper with proposed amendments to the Current Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual that guide wage rate decisions related to short-term and long-term disability compensation. Recommended amendments include: These changes may affect your claims costs. Click here to view the proposed changes and offer feedback to WorkSafeBC – The deadline is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, […]
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Connect with a psychological health and safety coach

Have questions or concerns about psychological health and safety in your workplace? Don't hesitate to reach out! Our dedicated psychological health and safety coach is here to assist you.

Ask about:

  • Strategies to foster a mentally healthy work environment.
  • Addressing stressors or hazards in your workplace.
  • Implementing the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.
  • Finding resources and tools tailored to your organization.
  • Psychological Health and Safety consultations or assessments

Your well-being and that of your colleagues matter. Connect with Khalida for guidance and support. Together, we can create a safer, more mentally healthy workplace. Click the chat box to start the conversation.

Connect with a psychological health and safety coach

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Khalida has over six years of experience with mental health, health care and neuropsychotherapy
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