Brenda Robinson

Brenda Robinson

Speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant

Brenda Robinson is a speaker, trainer, writer and consultant. She is passionate about working with people and organizations to support them to achieve the best possible outcomes from their work. Brenda brings a positive, productive, proactive approach to her presentations and interactions. Branda uses stories, examples and humour to bring home her messages and help people apply their learnings.

Brenda is connected and committed to health care providers’ outstanding work and has facilitated the Hearts and Hands Conference since its early beginnings. She has also participated in the Health Care Aid Conference in Alberta for 10+ years. She works hard to stay up-to-date and aware of the challenges they face.

Brenda is an educator first. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Arts from Brandon University and a Masters in Education from Simon Fraser University. Her successful training and development businesses are recognized across Canada.

Above all, she is a family-driven mother and grandmother. She is closely connected to her adult children and grandchildren and treasures her time with them.

Join Brenda to listen, laugh and learn. You will be glad you did!

Brenda believes that we are on a life-long learning journey. It should be enriching, exciting, interesting and above all, it should be fun!

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