Be Care Aware

Read are about our official proclamation here.


What is Be Care Aware Day?

The aim of Be Care Aware Day is to raise awareness around the fact that continuing care staff have one of the highest number of injury claims within the province. Celebrated in September, hundreds of continuing care colleagues and friends across the province address safety in the workplace through conversation.



When is Be Care Aware Day?

Be Care Aware Day is on September 24th of every year.

Who can Be Care Aware?

Anyone can Be Care Aware! As our population grows older, ensuring BC’s seniors have access to quality care will become increasingly important. Therefore, taking care of the staff who care for our seniors every day is something we all should support.


How do care homes participate?

Taking on the Be Care Aware challenge is simple; it starts with saying, “I will Be Care Aware!”

From showing your support for Be Care Aware on social media to hosting Be Care Aware activities in your workplace, there are many ways to get involved and show you care for those who care. Here are some other ways that care homes across the province got involved:

  • Start the conversation about safety in your workplace.
  • Show you are pledging to Be Care Aware on social media with the hashtag #BeCareAware.
  • Ask your friends and colleagues the trivia question:
    • Who do you think has the highest number of injury claims: a police officer, a lumberjack, a fire fighter, or a care aide?
  • Order you very own Be Care Aware kit which is filled with everything you need to get your workplace thinking about safety. Kit includes:
    • Be Care Aware shirt stickers for staff
    • Safety Huddles booklet
    • Posters, hand-outs, and fun activities for your workplace.

 How can I make my workplace Care Aware?

Bringing the Be Care Aware challenge to your workplace is a great way to foster a culture of safety and remind people that we need to take care of those who care.

 Who is in charge of Be Care Aware Day?

Whether you are a care aide or kitchen staff, a resident in care or a family member of someone in care, Be Care Aware day belongs to all of us. SafeCare BC and the Be Care Aware partners are pleased to support safe workplaces and invite you to Be Care Aware!



Endorsed by:

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