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February 2024

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Hearts and Hands Digital Experience

Each month on the Hearts and Hands webpage, we will share content related to the conference themes: Celebrate. Educate. Inspire. And we look forward to seeing many of you at the two in-person conferences in the fall! If there is a topic you would like to see highlighted in the lead-up to Hearts and Hands 2024, email us at Thank you for the important work you do. Your dedication is essential to those you care for and support. We are grateful for the energy you put into your work every day.

A Chat with Dr. Heather Cooke and Rhonda Croft about Workplace (In)civility

We sat down for a conversation with two familiar faces from the Hearts and Hands conference—Dr. Heather Cooke and Rhonda Croft. We talked with Heather and Rhonda about an issue that can be difficult to talk about—workplace civility. We learn what incivility is and how to identify and address it. Simple tips from Heather and Rhonda can support positive workplaces and minimize the impact of incivility. Click the audio clip below to hear the conversation.

Workplace Civility Toolkit

Psychological health and well-being play an important role in our work and in our personal life. Our Workplace Civility Toolkit, created by Dr. Heather Cooke and other healthcare experts, is a practical resource that can tackle incivility and create a more positive workplace. Learn more about the impact of incivility, walk-through scenarios based on real events, and learn strategies that will help make your organization a great place to work.
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This Month's Call to Action

Kindness to your colleagues goes a long way to improving workplace culture and contributes to a more welcoming environment.

Being kind often has a ripple effect that builds momentum across an organization.

We want to hear your story about kindness in the workplace. What happened? What effect did it have? Why did it leave an impression on you? Send an email to with a brief overview of the story. We’ll share your story, and everyone who submits has a chance to win a $25 gift card of your choice. By sharing your story, you will contribute to a more positive workplace in healthcare!