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March 2024

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Hearts and Hands Digital Experience | "Celebrating You"

From country music to self-care strategies, we’re sharing resources focused on celebrating you and the work you do. Thank you for the work you do caring for residents and clients.

“Green and Blue” - Country Music Singer Todd Richard

Todd Richard is known for his heartfelt messages through song. “Green and Blue” was written specifically for healthcare workers. During the pandemic, Todd felt it was important to share his appreciation for healthcare workers. The song holds timeless value in celebration and appreciation for those in healthcare. All of Todd’s songs can be found on Spotify and on his website.

Michelle Cederberg’s Self-Care Resources

Healthcare workers are often so focused on caring for others they forget to take care of themselves. We want to ensure you’re taking care of yourself and your well-being. Michelle Cederberg is a renowned speaker and was once a keynote presenter at the Hearts and Hands conference. She brings energy, empathy, and self-care to the forefront of her work. Below are some of her fantastic resources that we know you will want to check out.

Visit Michelle’s website for more great resources.

This Month's Call to Action

A huge thank you to those who submitted responses to last month’s call to action. 

This month, we want to hear more from you! With “Celebration” as the theme of this month’s eNews, have you witnessed extraordinary care or actions from a colleague that are worthy of celebrating? We encourage you to share your story for a chance to win a $25 gift card of your choice. We will ensure we have permission from your “nominee” before sharing!

In last month’s issue, we asked people to share their stories of kindness in the workplace. Darby Jackson, who works at Beckley Farm Lodge, shared some of the things they do to provide great care with a touch of kindness.

I will find out at least one thing about each resident that truly makes them happy and feel like they matter. One of my residents is from England and she LOVES her tea and cookies. I have a supply of proper teacups she uses throughout the day. Also, another resident loves his newspaper. I will go out of my way to make sure he gets it as early as possible. My neighbour gets the New York Times and I arranged to get it when he is done, and on Mondays when we don’t get the local paper, I bring my resident the New York Times. He thinks it’s his birthday every time I do this. He gets so excited.

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