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March 2024

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Hearts and Hands Digital Experience | "Educate"

This month’s Hearts and Hands theme is, “Educate”, with a specific focus on dementia education. Below, we have compiled several resources to support dementia care. We hope to see you at one of the Hearts and Hands conferences in October! More information about location, times, and registration will be coming soon!

Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care: Interview with Jennifer Roach

To kick off this month’s eNews, we sat with dementia educator and consultant Jennifer Roach. Jennifer works for Arjo and is certified in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® (PAC). She offers workshops and consultations for those interested in the PAC approach. To learn more or to book a workshop for care partners, volunteers, leadership groups, family members, or even people living with dementia, Jennifer’s brochure is included below. We have also included Teepa Snow’s website link so you can learn more about PAC. In this month’s conversation, we chat briefly about dementia care, learn more about the Positive Approach to Care, and highlight strategies and tips for those working with patients with dementia.

Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey – SafeCare BC eLearning Course

Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey offers an overview of dementia education and how to care for patients suffering from dementia. The course dives into the following areas:

  • Person-centred care and why it is effective.
  • Dementia and how it affects communication and behaviour.
  • Building successful relationships with families.
  • How managers can debrief this education with their staff and apply person-centred care practices to their organization.

If you want to learn more about the Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey, we highly recommend watching this short interview with Susan Prosser, the Provincial Coordinator of Education for the Alzheimer Society of BC.

Learn more and register for Care and Connection on the Dementia Journey - and check out other eLearning offerings from SafeCare BC.

This Month's Call to Action

We are eagerly planning the Nanaimo and Langley Hearts and Hands conferences for early October! What makes Hearts and Hands so special is the connection it offers colleagues and the positive focus on care. And to make the conference as valuable as possible, we want to hear your ideas about what you would like to see at this year’s event. This could include suggestions about specific content, presenters you would like to see, or ideas about how the conference is structured. While we can’t promise all ideas will be included, we can promise prizes. For those who share their thoughts, there is a chance to win a $25 gift card of your choice!

Send an email to with a brief overview of the story.