Member Survey

Our 2023 member survey had more than 1,000 responses, with 80 percent of respondents being frontline workers and half of those being healthcare assistants. The survey is essential for identifying health and safety issues important to our members. The feedback helps inform our annual work plan and strategic planning while providing an opportunity for us to engage with our members, including those who may not be familiar with our organization. The survey also helps validate the effectiveness of our programs and services.

We continue to have strong recognition within the continuing care sector, with three-quarters of respondents indicating their awareness of SafeCare BC. Our impact is significant, with 79 percent of respondents saying that have changed how they work because of SafeCare BC.

The top four health and safety concerns cited by respondents were: mental health and wellbeing of staff (53%), fatigue and overexertion due to workload (41%), client or resident responsive behaviour toward staff (31%), and injuries related to caring for residents and clients with dementia (30%).

In response, we introduced new tools and resources, including an expanded workplace civility toolkit, a workplace psychological health and safety assessment tool, and a new dementia education eLearning course called Care and Connections on the Dementia Journey.

We also asked how effectively an organization's occupational health and safety committee addresses health and safety concerns. Forty-nine percent agreed their committee was effective, with 15% strongly agreeing. Fourteen percent reported their safety committee was ineffective at addressing health and safety concerns.
"Keep doing these surveys. It allows us to have a voice."
"You [SafeCare BC] are doing great and please continue exploring more ways to improve workplace threats."
"I appreciate all that SafeCare BC provides and offers."
"It's good to know there is help when needed."

Supporting wellness through healthy, safe, and injury-free workplaces.

SafeCare BC strives to empower those working in BC's continuing care sector to create a safety culture through evidence-based education, advocacy for safer workplaces, leadership, and collaboration.
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