Facilitators Program

SafeCare BC facilitators are located across British Columbia, including the Island, Interior and Mainland, and they help us deliver our courses to a broader audience across the continuing care sector.

The program has three types of facilitators: peer, contracted, and seconded facilitators. Peer facilitators work in healthcare organizations and have been trained by SafeCare BC to educate their colleagues. SafeCare BC hires contracted facilitators to provide the education on their behalf. Seconded facilitators are peer facilitators who are "borrowed" from their workplace to deliver the education.

Facilitators play an essential role in promoting health and safety in healthcare organizations. They are on-site champions for health and safety. They can provide feedback to SafeCare BC about the education they are delivering. They also get updates from SafeCare BC about new resources, education, webinars, etc.

By having a solid roster of facilitators, SafeCare BC can expand the reach of their education, offer courses more frequently or with shorter notice, and increase availability. Facilitators also receive training in safe handling, the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum, Gentle Persuasive Techniques, and LPN and RN Safety leadership.

The Peer Facilitator Program significantly advances health and safety training within the continuing care sector. Its primary goal is to cultivate a pool of in-house educators, known as Peer Facilitators, who are tasked with training and supporting their colleagues, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of vital safety protocols directly at the workplace.

In 2023, the program concentrated on two critical areas: the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum (PVPC) and Safe Handling techniques. These focus areas were chosen to address the pressing need for violence prevention and physical safety in care settings. Through this initiative, 53 Peer Facilitators were trained—19 in PVPC and 34 in Safe Handling—signifying a considerable investment in building a safer and more knowledgeable workforce.

The feedback received from the participants underscores the program's success and the quality of mentorship provided. Trainees have expressed profound gratitude for the mentorship received, highlighting how the program equipped them with essential safety skills and offered reassurance and support throughout their learning journey. This positive response illustrates the program's dual benefit of enhancing safety knowledge and fostering a supportive learning environment.

The presence of Peer Facilitators within a staff elevates the level of professional development and champions the cause of health and safety leadership. Completing the course empowers these facilitators to conduct workshops for their peers, effectively spreading critical knowledge.
Peer Facilitators
Contracted Facilitators
"Very upbeat and kept the class very engaged the entire day."
"Just overall very helpful for my current workplace and I am so happy that it is provided here."
"Was very informative and useful for nurses or all healthcare workers. I think it should be mandatory to take this course."

Supporting wellness through healthy, safe, and injury-free workplaces.

SafeCare BC strives to empower those working in BC's continuing care sector to create a safety culture through evidence-based education, advocacy for safer workplaces, leadership, and collaboration.
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