Message from the CEO

In 2023, significant strides were made towards creating safer, healthier workplaces for healthcare workers. Organizations led by resilient leaders and dedicated workers embraced a forward-thinking approach. Instead of focusing on the difficulties of the past, there was a collective commitment to harnessing the lessons learned and making improvements for the future.

The Leaders Forum, a groundbreaking event, brought together leaders from the healthcare sector to discuss and strategize best practices for creating safe and healthy workplaces. This event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, where leaders shared their experiences, insights, and innovative approaches to address workplace safety challenges.

Following the Leaders Forum, an intimate series called "Conversations with Leaders" was initiated, allowing healthcare workers to engage directly with leaders and gain valuable insights. The conversations covered various topics, including mental health, infection control, and effective communication strategies.

Our organization partnered with the Canadian Association of Brain Health to develop impactful training sessions for healthcare workers on providing safe dementia care. These training sessions aim to equip healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care for residents and clients with dementia.

We also collaborated with the Public Health Agency of Canada to develop content to educate healthcare workers on the importance of vaccination. Providing accurate and reliable information to healthcare workers became crucial to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation, empowering them to make informed decisions and promote vaccination among their colleagues and patients.

Continuing our collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association – British Columbia, we delivered relevant and timely webinars focusing on emerging mental health topics such as burnout, resilience-building, and self-care strategies. By providing healthcare workers with the necessary tools and resources to prioritize their mental health, we hope to create a supportive and resilient workforce.
In 2023, we expanded our reach to audiences across various social media platforms, connecting with healthcare workers, leaders, and stakeholders worldwide through engaging and informative content. We hosted three in-person Hearts and Hands Conferences to celebrate, inspire, and educate healthcare workers. These events provided a platform for sharing success stories, innovative solutions, and best practices in workplace safety, bringing together healthcare professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders to drive positive change.

One of the key goals in 2023 was to foster a 12-month safety culture. This entailed creating an environment where workplace safety was a top priority every day of the year. Through targeted initiatives, training programs, and ongoing communication, we encouraged organizations and individuals to embed safety practices into their daily routines and make safety a shared responsibility.

The achievements of 2023 would not have been possible without the unity and collaboration among our members, partners, and allies. We deeply thank our members for their unwavering dedication to championing workplace safety. We also acknowledge the pivotal role our partners and allies play in supporting our initiatives. The health authorities that sponsored and sent staff to the Hearts and Hands Conferences, the organizations that participated in training programs, and the employers who invested in the well-being of their staff all played a crucial role in our collective success.

Throughout the year, numerous instances of exceptional commitment and collaboration deserve recognition. We witnessed organizations participating in the Tailored Outreach Program (TOP), demonstrating their dedication to continuous improvement and upholding the highest workplace safety standards.

Employers who invested in training programs for their staff showcased their unwavering commitment to the well-being of their employees, creating a safety culture by equipping their workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain a safe workplace.

2023 was a remarkable year of progress and collaboration. The achievements, partnerships, and collective efforts showcased the dedication and resilience of our members, the impact of our collaborations, and the positive difference made in the well-being of healthcare workers. As we reflect on the past year, let us emphasize the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving our safety goals. Together, we can create safer and healthier workplaces for all.

Supporting wellness through healthy, safe, and injury-free workplaces.

SafeCare BC strives to empower those working in BC's continuing care sector to create a safety culture through evidence-based education, advocacy for safer workplaces, leadership, and collaboration.
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