Executive Committee

  • Al Jina, Chair
  • Michael Neumann
  • Sue Emmons

Governance Committee (also serves as Nominating Committee)

  • Michael Neuman, Chair
  • Carin Plischke
  • Download the Terms of Reference for the Governance Committee

Finance and Audit Committee

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Mike Nuyens,  SafeCare BC Board Director, BC Government & Service Employees’ Union, Chair
  • Rob Senghera, Revera
  • Julian Labrooy, Sterling Health
  • John Lam, WorkSafeBC (ex-officio)
  • Ana Rahmat, Hospital Employees Union
  • Julia Glover, Buron Healthcare
  • Sherry Parkin, British Columbia Nurses’ Union
  • Wendy Mah, BC Government & Service Employees’ Union
  • Maria Moeller, Greater Vancouver Community Services Society
  • Jennifer Lyle, SafeCare BC
  • Saleema Dhalla, SafeCare BC
  • Ana Bahmat, HEU
  • Susan Harahap, ProAdmin
  • Download the Terms of Reference for the Technical Advisory Committee